June 2016

PCA June 2016

Twenty-two members of the Michiana Porsche Club met at Dandino’s Supper Club on June 8, 2016.  President Fran Napieralski brought the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Susan Broadbent read the secretary’s report.  Marty Hostetler moved to accept the report, Ben Tyler seconded, and the motion passed.

This weekend is Autocross.  Don Sjolin, who has been the chairman is moving out of town so we need a new chairman.  We also need to assess the need for timing equipment.

We have one new member.

Street Survival is June 18th and we need help especially for our July 16th event.

July 23 is our Winona Lake event.  Murray Bartel gave a quick report, reminding us that he needs to know about dinner reservations. Lineup is at 9:00.  Event lasts until 3:00 in the afternoon.  Show up – cruise the stores – no reservation needed.  This may, or may not, include Ft Wayne members.

July 30th is Autocross.

August 13th is the school-supply-giveaway. (15th anniversary).  August 13th is also the Big Red Brick reunion in Ohio.

August 27th and September 18 are also Autocross

The TireRack has a Card-‘n-Coffee once a month.  Check out their website.

Charity donations were $350 – cash box, plus Murray’s sales, and $522 – Church sale.

Marty Hostetler moved that we donate $3,500 to the School Give- Away, Jonathan Wieand seconded and the motion carried. Marty Hostetler gave a report on the Career Center event.

Harry Burnstine reminded us about the 356 Registry in Akron, Ohio, Labor Day weekend.

Marty Hostetler moved to adjourn the meeting at 715PM, Erika Engler seconded, and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Broadbent, Secretary

Attendance: Marty & Michelle Hostetler, Kellie & Brad Fishburn, Sharon & Ben Tyler, Harry Burnstine, Susan & Dick Broadbent, Fran & Matt Napieralski,  Marc Ruhling, Penny & Murray Bartel, Beth & Don Huss, Erika & Rudy Engler, Judy & Larry Lyntech, Don Minter, and Jonathan Wieand  


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