October 2016

PCA Oct 2016

President Fran Napieralski brought the Michiana Porsche Club to order at 6:37 PM.  There were thirteen (13) members present at the October 12th, 2016, meeting at Dandino’s Supper Club in Goshen, Indiana.  There were no minutes of last month’s meeting.  Fran gave the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business:  The Winona Lake Car Show was basically rained out. There were maybe 10 to 12 cars. However the Beer Tent was crowded.  Murray Bartel talked with the organizers and agreed, as a spokesman for our club, to a commitment for Octoberfest participation.  This event is the first Saturday in October each year.  Jeff Margush gave a report on Autocross.  Fran read a thank you letter from Sharon Tyler and her Back Pack Give-Away board.  Our volunteer and monetary support is very much appreciated.

New Business:  Murray suggested we might think about the 3 Floyd’s Brewery as a “destination” driving event next year. It is just south of Chicago on Highway 39 W. (the first exit out of Chicago, the Franklin exit.)  He will check on the days of the week it will be making beer.  We still have Porsches to Warsaw shirts and Porsche Pads of paper for sale.  We discussed possibilities for the date and location of the Meet-the-Members Winter Party in 2017.  Judy Lentych suggested a gift exchange, or participants doing a gift card drawing in addition to the donated items.  Fran reminded us about the Block Party in the historic district in South Bend.  We are going to check about a nicer area for our cars to be parked.  This will be Saturday, June 24, 2017, from 10:00 am – 4: pm.

At 7:40 pm, Don Huss moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Kallie Brumbaughj, and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Broadbent, secretary

Attendance:  Jeff Margush, Dick & Susan Broadbent, Matt & Fran Napieralski, Murray & Penny Bartel, Don & Beth Huss, Brad  & Kellie Brumbaugh, and Larry & Judy Lentych

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