Autox #2 July 1, 2017

Autox #2 took place July 1st, 2017.  The event was shaping up to be a nice event the week leading up with on-line pre-registrations hitting 18 entrants and several Porsches, Imagine that!  When registration closed Saturday morning before the driver’s meeting we had a total of 30 drivers, and 15 of those were in a Porsche.  There was even a 356 that showed up!    

The Course was a quick one but proved a bit difficult for many to follow as there were many DNF’s in the morning session. Thus goes one of the aspects of autox, it isn’t just who can drive the fastest but the one who can follow the course the fastest.  During lunch a few more pointer cones were added to help make things a bit easier.

We managed to get 8 runs in per driver and had great weather throughout the day.  Due to some technical difficulties with timing and scoring I was not able to tabulate results but at best deciphering FTD went to Doug Metzel in a Cayman S.  If you have never been out to an Autox you owe it to yourself to either try your hand and driving and see what your car is capable of (just ask first timers Mike and Max Reimbold) or maybe just to watch.  Hey you might even get to see Murray do some launch control starts in the turbo S!!!!

The Next event is July 23, 2017 at The Tire rack, this is also the inter-region IROC event.

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