Autox #2 July 1, 2017

Autox #2 took place July 1st, 2017.  The event was shaping up to be a nice event the week leading up with on-line pre-registrations hitting 18 entrants and several Porsches, Imagine that!  When registration closed Saturday morning before the driver’s meeting we had a total of 30 drivers, and 15 of those were in a Porsche.  There was even a 356 that showed up!    

The Course was a quick one but proved a bit difficult for many to follow as there were many DNF’s in the morning session. Thus goes one of the aspects of autox, it isn’t just who can drive the fastest but the one who can follow the course the fastest.  During lunch a few more pointer cones were added to help make things a bit easier.

We managed to get 8 runs in per driver and had great weather throughout the day.  Due to some technical difficulties with timing and scoring I was not able to tabulate results but at best deciphering FTD went to Doug Metzel in a Cayman S.  If you have never been out to an Autox you owe it to yourself to either try your hand and driving and see what your car is capable of (just ask first timers Mike and Max Reimbold) or maybe just to watch.  Hey you might even get to see Murray do some launch control starts in the turbo S!!!!

The Next event is July 23, 2017 at The Tire rack, this is also the inter-region IROC event.

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October 2016

PCA Oct 2016

President Fran Napieralski brought the Michiana Porsche Club to order at 6:37 PM.  There were thirteen (13) members present at the October 12th, 2016, meeting at Dandino’s Supper Club in Goshen, Indiana.  There were no minutes of last month’s meeting.  Fran gave the Treasurer’s report.

Old Business:  The Winona Lake Car Show was basically rained out. There were maybe 10 to 12 cars. However the Beer Tent was crowded.  Murray Bartel talked with the organizers and agreed, as a spokesman for our club, to a commitment for Octoberfest participation.  This event is the first Saturday in October each year.  Jeff Margush gave a report on Autocross.  Fran read a thank you letter from Sharon Tyler and her Back Pack Give-Away board.  Our volunteer and monetary support is very much appreciated.

New Business:  Murray suggested we might think about the 3 Floyd’s Brewery as a “destination” driving event next year. It is just south of Chicago on Highway 39 W. (the first exit out of Chicago, the Franklin exit.)  He will check on the days of the week it will be making beer.  We still have Porsches to Warsaw shirts and Porsche Pads of paper for sale.  We discussed possibilities for the date and location of the Meet-the-Members Winter Party in 2017.  Judy Lentych suggested a gift exchange, or participants doing a gift card drawing in addition to the donated items.  Fran reminded us about the Block Party in the historic district in South Bend.  We are going to check about a nicer area for our cars to be parked.  This will be Saturday, June 24, 2017, from 10:00 am – 4: pm.

At 7:40 pm, Don Huss moved that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Kallie Brumbaughj, and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Broadbent, secretary

Attendance:  Jeff Margush, Dick & Susan Broadbent, Matt & Fran Napieralski, Murray & Penny Bartel, Don & Beth Huss, Brad  & Kellie Brumbaugh, and Larry & Judy Lentych

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June 2016

PCA June 2016

Twenty-two members of the Michiana Porsche Club met at Dandino’s Supper Club on June 8, 2016.  President Fran Napieralski brought the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.  Susan Broadbent read the secretary’s report.  Marty Hostetler moved to accept the report, Ben Tyler seconded, and the motion passed.

This weekend is Autocross.  Don Sjolin, who has been the chairman is moving out of town so we need a new chairman.  We also need to assess the need for timing equipment.

We have one new member.

Street Survival is June 18th and we need help especially for our July 16th event.

July 23 is our Winona Lake event.  Murray Bartel gave a quick report, reminding us that he needs to know about dinner reservations. Lineup is at 9:00.  Event lasts until 3:00 in the afternoon.  Show up – cruise the stores – no reservation needed.  This may, or may not, include Ft Wayne members.

July 30th is Autocross.

August 13th is the school-supply-giveaway. (15th anniversary).  August 13th is also the Big Red Brick reunion in Ohio.

August 27th and September 18 are also Autocross

The TireRack has a Card-‘n-Coffee once a month.  Check out their website.

Charity donations were $350 – cash box, plus Murray’s sales, and $522 – Church sale.

Marty Hostetler moved that we donate $3,500 to the School Give- Away, Jonathan Wieand seconded and the motion carried. Marty Hostetler gave a report on the Career Center event.

Harry Burnstine reminded us about the 356 Registry in Akron, Ohio, Labor Day weekend.

Marty Hostetler moved to adjourn the meeting at 715PM, Erika Engler seconded, and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Broadbent, Secretary

Attendance: Marty & Michelle Hostetler, Kellie & Brad Fishburn, Sharon & Ben Tyler, Harry Burnstine, Susan & Dick Broadbent, Fran & Matt Napieralski,  Marc Ruhling, Penny & Murray Bartel, Beth & Don Huss, Erika & Rudy Engler, Judy & Larry Lyntech, Don Minter, and Jonathan Wieand  


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April 2016

Around the Zone  05-2016_Page_1Around the Zone  05-2016_Page_2DGP16 Eblast_CC Clubs-Porsche-Z42

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October 2015 Meeting minutes

PCA Oct 2015

Vice-President Fran Naperalski brought the October14, 2015, Michiana Porsche Club to order at 6:31 PM. There were 20 members present. Susan Broadbent read the minutes of the last meeting. Marty Hostetler moved the minutes be accepted as read, Beth Huss seconded, and the motion passed.  Fran gave the Treasurer’s report.                                                                       Old Business: We had a report from the Charity Committee.  We also had a report from the Mid-Winter Meet-the-Members planning committee.  It suggested the second Saturday in January, January 9th, 2016, at Mosier’s in New Carlisle, Indiana.  The club will vote on this at the November meeting.  Murray Bartel reported that the Meatery in Warsaw is opening an addition restaurant at #112

New Business: We discussed the trial of a new meeting place for our monthly meetings. Don Huss moved that we have our November meeting at Antonio’s Italian Ristorante at 1105 Goshen Avenue in Elkhart (574-295-8424), Dick Broadbent seconded, and the motion passed.  Sharon Tyler brought the School Supply Give-away newsletter to pass around for the group to read.  She reported that this program provided school supplies for 1,400 school kids.  Fran encouraged the club members to take the Street Survival test for instructors.  The program is badly in need of qualified instructors.

At 7:02 Marty Hostetler moved to adjourn the meeting, Murray Bartel seconded, and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Broadbent, Secretary

Attendance: Sam Speziale, Dick & Susan Broadbent, Don & Beth Huss, Marc Ruhling, Harry Burnstine, Ben & Sharon Tyler, Murray & Penny Bartel, Paul Brumbaugh & Emily Savickis, Rudi Engler, Matt & Fran Naperalski, Marty & Michelle Hostetler, and Brad & Kellie Fishburn

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March 2015

March 2015

It won’t be long now and those of you (most of you?) who have your Porsches on a trickle charger in a temperature controlled garage will be finishing up the off season repairs/upgrades, detailing, and getting it road ready. We have another event packed year ahead.

Take a look at the Region calendar and click “Agenda” to see the full list of activities.  New this year:

  • May 2 – We’ll have a car show at the Elkhart Career Center (where Mary Hostetler is their auto mechanics instructor).
  • August 28 – 30 – Artomobilia in Carmel, IN with Porsche as the featured marque.
  • Watch for information on our date for assisting the Tire Rack with Street Survival Training for teens.

You’ll note that we have a new date (July 18) for the Village at Winona car show and this year it will be exclusively Porsches.  Of course, we’ll have Porsches to GOshen the first Friday of September (Sept 4).

Don’t forget, registration for the June 21 – 27 Parade in French Lick, IN opens online on March 17 at noon.  We’ll plan to organize a caravan of Porsches to drive down together on June 21st.

We’re hoping:

  • To get more of you to try Autocross at the Tire Rack and some of you regulars to participate with our adjoining regions in the three IROC (the interregional race of champions) friendly autocross competition (dates to be soon).
  • To see a few more of you at Drivers’ Education events at Gingerman, Putnam Park, and/or Mid-Ohio raceways.
  • That you will introduce us to one of your favorite restaurants by volunteering to plan a “drive and dive”.

Your suggestions and input are solicited and welcome.

Hoping to see you and you Porsches soon!


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February 2015 Meeting Minutes

Feb 2015 Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Michiana Porsche Club – Michiana Region PCA

President Jonathan Wieand brought the February 11, 2015, Michiana Porsche Club to order at 6:30 PM.  There were 18 members present.  Susan Broadbent read the minutes of the January meeting which were approved as read after a motion by Erika Engler and seconded by Marty Hostetler. Jonathan read the Treasurer’s report.

Jonathan reported that the website is now operational. Go to  or The site includes our calendar, autocross dates, as well as the autocross results.  PCA is hosting the site but a big round of applause should go to Jeff Margush for his work on the site.

The raffle at the Meet-the-Members Party raised $410.00.  The items raffled were donated by Harry Burnstine and the Tire Rack.  Jonathan asked the club to consider the question of raffling donated item.  A discussion will be ongoing in future meetings.

Jonathan gave the Membership report.  We have 201 members.  Joe and Julie Cohn have moved and transferred their membership to the Florida Citrus region.

Springer Design in Goshen will do Porsche embroidery (Porsche crest added to your article of clothing $30, PORSCHE lettering added to your clothing $30).  Levi’s varsity bomber jackets like the one given away at the Meet the Members Banquet are $69.50 at Macy’s so if you provide the jacket and take it to Springer for both logos your total cost would be $129.50.

Marty would like us to consider being part of a car show at the Elkhart Career Center, May 2nd. Ben Tyler moved that we support the car show, Matt Napieralski seconded, and the motion passed.

Michiana PCA Autocross dates at the Tire Rack in South Bend are May 17, June 21, August 2, and August 30.

Porsche Parade will be June 21st – 27th at French Lick Indiana.  Online registration begins March 17, 2015 at 12:00 pm EST.  Sign up early as events and lodging will fill up fast.

The dates for Street Survival at the Tire Rack in South Bend this summer are Saturday, June 20, Saturday, July 18, and Saturday, August 22.

August 28th-30th are the dates for the Artomobilia event in Carmel, Indiana. Porsche will be the featured mark.

Dick Broadbent moved to adjourn the meeting at 7:06, Don Huss seconded, and the motion passed.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Broadbent, Secretary

Attendance: Brad & Kelly Fishburn, Dick & Susan Broadbent, Ben & Sharon Tyler, Jonathan Wieand, Don & Beth Huss, Dan Minter, Rudi & Erika Engler, Jim Nelson, Marc Ruhling, Matt & Fran  Napieralski, and Marty & Michelle  Hostetler


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Minutes of July 9, 2014 Members’ Meeting

July 2014 Minutes of the Michiana Porsche Club

  1. Jonathan called the July 9, 2014 Michiana Porsche Club meeting to order at 6:35 pm.  There were 15 members present and one guest.  Sharon Tyler introduced Sadie Pollard, Board Member of SSGA of Gary, Inc. and she was welcomed to the meeting.
  2. Wieand read the minutes of the June 11, 2014 meeting in Susan Broadbent’s absence and it was approved as presented after a motion by Marty Hostetler and a second by Marc Ruhling.
  3. Jeff Morgan’s Treasurer’s report for June was presented showing, $9,210.15 Beginning Balance: Receipts of $418.50 National Rebate; Disbursements of $316.92  Presidents’ meeting expense reimbursement, $1,200.87 Meet the Members/Awards banquet & Presidents’ meeting reimbursement ($1,000 collected at Meet the Members was included in the prior month’s report), $263.99  Homestead Tech Website Fees, $9.50  Bank Fees = Total Disbursements of $1,791.28 Sub Total; for an ending balance of $7,837.37 Ending Balance

This does not include and autocross receipts from the first two events yet.

Jeff’s report was approved w/a motion by Dick Broadbent & a 2nd by Marty Hostetler.

Old Business:

  1. Fran Napieralski reported that the Street Survival Training for youth was being held at the Tire Rack on Saturday, July 12.  PCA National has gotten behind this effort and is encouraging the Regions to get involved.  Matt and Fran have been serving as instructors in this program for a number of years.  Volunteers are needed for the Saturday event and she asked for volunteers.  Matt and Fran will be joined by Jonathan and Mary Ann Wieand.  Others were encouraged to show up to assist if schedules permitted.
  2. We have an Autocross at the Tire Rack on Saturday, August 2
  3. The School Supply Give Away of Gary is coming up on August 9 and funds are still needed to release supplies for the event.  It was moved by Fran Napieralski and 2nd by Dick Broadbent that the club contribute $2,000 to help with expenses and the motion passed.  Wieand was instructed to authorize the Treasurer to issue the check soon.
  4. Further discussion was held regarding the memorial bench to be constructed at the Tire Rack honoring Pete Veldman and the request for support from the various car clubs using the facilities.  Matt Napieralski moved that the club contribute $250 toward the project, Marty Hostetler 2nd, and the motion passed.
  5. The annual European Car Show at Orrin Hayes Mercedes in Kalamazoo is Saturday, July 26, and Jonathan invited members to let him know if they planned to join him and Paul Swope in showing their cars.
  6. Our nonfunctioning web site was down for a few days until we proved to the host with a copy of the cancelled check that we had paid our bill.  Jonathan and Jeff Margush have been in contact with PCA regarding getting test web site through National and how to make the transition.

New Business

  • Ben and Sharon Tyler proposed to plan Crown Point Dive and Dive for the 2ndweekend in October.  More information to follow.
  • Jonathan will look into breakfast arrangements for prior to the drive down to the Village at Winona for the Canal Days Car Show on Saturday, September 6.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:05 pm w/a motion by Marc Ruhling and 2nd by Matt Napieralski

Respectfully submitted, Jonathan Wieand, President and Temporary Secretary (due to lack of delegation)

Attendance:  Penny & Murray Bartel, Fran & Matt Napieralski, Michelle & Marty Hostetler, Harry Burnstine, Richard Broadbent, Jim Nelson, Rudolf Engler, Erika Engler, Marc Ruhling, Sadie Pollard, Sharon Tyler, Mary Ann & Jonathan Wieand

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